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Service and maintenance


POROSAURUS® saws can be sharpened on any workshop disk sharpener, including DIY. For successful sharpening, adhere to the principles described on this web site.


1. Thickness of the sharpening disk

The sharpening disk must 10 mm thick. This is the only possible thickness.

The outside diameter of the sharpening disk and the diameter of the centric hole of the disk is optional according to the type of sharpener.

Example of the sharpening disk
Tyrolit T1
150x10x20 99BA60L9V40


  • Dimension 150 mm means the outside diameter of the sharpening disk. Greater diameters are 175 and 200 mm.
  • Dimension 10 mm means the required thickness of the disk.
  • Dimension 20 mm means diameter of the centric hole of the disk for mounting on the shaft of the sharpener.


The diameter of the sharpening disk and its location in the sharpener

Choose the outside diameter of the disk according to the type of sharpener. The outside diameter of the sharpening disk must be bigger than the profile of the body of the sharpener.

When sharpening the teeth of the saw blade must be far enough away from the body of the sharpener.

When using a sharpener with two sharpening disks, the 10 mm thick sharpening disks must have a larger outside diameter.

Choose the clamping hole of the disk according to the diameter of the shaft of your sharpener or use a reducer. (Reducers can be purchased at sellers of sharpening disks.)


Rounding the sharpening disk

The face of the sharpening disk must be rounded with a dressing stone for the radius R5.

Radius R5 corresponds to the rounding on the teeth of the saw. It is enough to copy it.

Sharpening disk, reducer of the centric hole, dressing stone for creating the radius.


Supporting the saw during sharpening

Where the shaped tooth is in contact with the sharpening disk, the saw must be supported from the bottom.

Most sharpeners have a support from the manufacturer.


Correct and safe sharpening

For correct and safe sharpening, the saw blade must always be directed exactly to the centre of the sharpening disk.

Never sharpen the saw above the horizontal axis of the disk’s centre.


How to shape tips

Either the radius between the cutting pins, as well as semi-pin gaps are shaped.

During sharpening we use for each tooth the same down-pressure to keep the plane of the tooth.


When the saw is sharpened

The saw is shaped as soon as the pins on double-teeth are renewed.


Safety during sharpening

Attention! During sharpening and handling the sharpener, observe the principles of work safety.

Service and maintenance

Saw setting

One of conditions for easy cutting with the saw is spring set or saw setting which means alternate bending teeth to one side and then the other side of the saw. The object is to increase the cutting gap. If the gap is greater than the thickness of the body of the saw, there is no wall friction of the cut material. Otherwise, the friction decreases the fluency and increases the effort needed for cutting.


Fastening the saw into the catcher

The saw is clamped into the catcher and only the teeth above the jaws of the clamp are moved. By gradually shifting of the saw in the catcher gradually sharpen all the teeth.


Lever for spring set (saw setting)

For easy teeth sharpening we recommend using the sharpening lever supplied by the manufacturer of POROSAURUS® saws. This lever allows teeth to be sharpened quickly and exactly thanks to adjusted stop.

If you decide to sharpen the teeth in another way without using the original sharpening lever, make sure the edge through which to bend the tooth is not sharp and is sufficiently rounded. If not, the teeth hardened at a high temperature may break.


Saw setting

The recommended saw setting for a POROSAURUS® saw is 0.8 mm from the side area of the saw blade.


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